Police, RTA find Dubai tourist’s lost item in record time

A Dubai tourist will probably never forget his recent trip after his passport had an adventure of its own – the day he was about to fly out.

According to local reports, the Dubai Police and Roads and Transport Authority joined forces on Tuesday to find a Sudanese man’s lost passport – after he forgot it in a taxi he took to the airport.

Yahiya Abdul Aal, a Sudanese man based in Ireland, took a taxi from Deira Creek for the airport on Tuesday, but shortly after discovered that he forgot his passport in the taxi.

According to Al Bayan, he considered his options, including travelling to his home country – Sudan – on a temporary document, and then apply for another passport.

But instead, he reached out to Dubai police and the RTA, who worked together to return his passport back in record time – in less than half an hour.

Although he missed his flight, he was relieved to get his passport back.

Aal even took to Facebook to tell his story – appreciating the police and RTA’s efforts.

He told Al Bayan that in a different country, he would have lost the passport forever.

Applauding Dubai’s leadership and system, he wished all world leaders to be like His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.